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ESA - Emotional Support Animal Program 

Dedicated to Miss Molly Polly Pocket (Below) who saved her owner's life, and to Maia and Nash Dendinger who sent ARK the book The Possibility Dogs, thus helping ARK realize the value of readying pets to become ESAs. An Emotional Support Animal can help with autism, blindness, motor disabilities, deafness, stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, seizures, PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse and more.

molly sleeping with manMOLLY IN CONVERTIBLEmissybella and roy

(Above) Two dogs rejected, abandoned, unloved, and to be killed at the "Humane Society" find safety and adoration with their new families. Missy in Jacksonville with new mom and sisters; Bella in Lakeland taking a nap with her new dad Roy. 

He was my reason to wake
And my comfort while sleeping
He made me laugh when I thought I couldn’t smile
His quirkiness inspired me to be  comfortable in my own skin
I will never forget the best friend I ever had 
He was an angel sent just for me and I was blessed to have him in my life .
My Ben passed yesterday. He was loved and adored.
My heart is broken.
Mary - 12.10.17

                                      ARK’s Emotional Support Animal Program 

How do I apply? Contact ARK for an application.

What disabilities can a pet be trained for? PTSD, autism, anxiety, dementia, seizure (epilepsy, brain injury, Parkinson's). Pet owners are capable of training their own animals. 

Click on the topics below to learn more:
Register Your Dog as an Emotional Support Animal
US Fact Sheet for Service Animals - The Federal Law
ADA Service Animals

Click here to read why we need animals and how they help us:

Further reading try The Possibility Dogs by Susannah Charleson

Recovery Village, an organization with locations across the country, is dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery. The closest one to DeLand FL is in Umatilla. Pet adoption and substance abuse are related. Alumni of their programs are often under great amounts of anxiety, depression,and stress. According to the Mental Health Foundation the companionship that a pet offers is a great way to reduce these issues often associated with recovery from substance abuse. Due to the mental health benefits of pet adoption we're trying to spread the word and encourage more people to adopt! We've written a comprehensive resource related to pet adoption on their website: (