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9/16/2020 2:10 PM


Sunny, Master, and Goldie - Elderly Dogs Abandoned Together in a Vacant House - January 2016
Sunny and Goldie found homes quickly; Master did not. He became ill and died within two weeks of rescue. We firmly believe he died of a broken heart because we were not able to find him a home. We failed Master. Sunny passed away Easter Day '16.  

A Memorial to Our Lost Rescues

From Sunny's Parents the Pandits (Easter '16):
"We did very little compared to the joy he brought us. It is not even close. One and half months and feels like he was just meant for us. He was so loving and so protective. He was my gladiator son. He will always be in our daily prayers just like Shy is. Sunny won over our hearts in exactly one instant. Plus he adopted us in just one moment. It always felt like he had a very old bond with us, one that none of us knew existed. That he only stayed with us for a month and a half doesn't even begin to express how close we became and how fast. ARK is doing a noble thing and we are glad to be a part of it. But the love we received from them is so much more than what we give to them. They are angels, we are mere  mortals."

Photo is of Sunny Mr. Pandit's Gladiator Son in their last days together. Sunny knew, for the first time, how much he was cherished. 
sunny and his dad